What are transponder keys and why do I need one?

Transponder keys offer the ease of convenience of a transmitter and a responder in one small handle. Allow our locksmiths at 561 Car Keys to respond to your needs before you need them! A transponder key has a chip installed within the key handle that emits a signal for a radio frequency. This transponder feature allows a nearby antenna to pick up a signal from your key and then either start or stop the ignition to your car. The ease of a transponder key allows you to utilize your key without having to physically use your key at all! Allow the radio frequency to do the work for you and keep your hands free. With phones and watches having all of the ‘smart’ functionality, it’s time for your keys to become ‘smart’ as well!

We service and replace transponder keys

Vehicle transponder keys have become the standard in opening and accessing cars. They can make it easy to locate a car in a parking lot, and can be the difference between quickly getting in your car and fumbling to get keys in a lock. When security is a concern, we at 561 Car Keys Locksmith know you don’t have a minute to waste, and we can help solve all your electric key needs. We can reprogram existing keys and help you get a replacement if needed, so call us today and we’ll get your problem solved quickly.

Copying Transponder Keys Correctly

One of the most difficult types of keys to copy are transponder keys, mainly because of the technology that is used inside of them. They have specialized chips that make them hard for people to copy, but for many locksmiths, it has become a problem for them as well. The good news is, at 561 Car Keys Locksmith, we actually have all of the tools that we need in order to be able to make copies without any problems at all. Just come to our office today and we’ll get it done for you quickly and correctly.

Making Copies of Your Transponder Keys

If you have a newer vehicle, then you likely have what are called transponder keys. These keys are meant to be difficult to copy – they have specialized chips inside that make it hard for you to put together an exact match and the car usually won’t start without that chip. At 561 Car Keys, we actually have the tools necessary so that we can copy your transponder keys effectively. Just come in with your keys and we will set you up with a copy of them as quickly as we possibly can.

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